march 6, 2017

Travels | Day One in Los Angeles

Good morning from Beverly Hills! Thanks to WHCC Aviation, our team landed in smoggy Los Angeles yesterday afternoon.

The adventure began, cruising through the hills of Bel-Air. As the roads wrapped around the hillside, we watched the diversity of this California city take shape. The higher we climbed, the more inspired we became. We couldn’t get enough of the varying landscapes, architecture and real estate. When we emerged into the valley, we arrived at the Beverly Hills Hilton feeling completely overwhelmed by the eclectic beauty of Los Angeles.


We were welcomed by the Design Bloggers Conference committee, complete with goody bags and cocktails. We powered through the workshops noting every tip and trick for styling and creating photography that will stand out from the rest.

As the evening winded down, we wrapped things up at the Miele showroom, cooking with LA’s latest and greatest chef, Kris Yenbamroong {is this real life…}.

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Our day wouldn’t have been complete without checking off one of Our Top Things to Do and See in Los Angeles. We’ve rated Gracias Madre a 1. Simply put, this scale is black and white. 0 means we won’t come back, 1 means we will [thank you to our friends at WHCC who are responsible for pioneering this review scale]. The food was delicious, the drinks, company and ambiance were perfect.


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Today we get to hear from some of the most talented designers from across the country including a few of our favorites, Amber Lewis, Shea Mcgee and the Giannetti’s.


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