april 19, 2017

Hosting a Baby Shower, How to Decorate and Style

Hosting a Beautiful Shower

Creating stunning tablescapes and beautiful décor are musts when throwing a great party.


When Bria found out her close friends, Steph and Martin, were pregnant, she was thrilled! She immediately offered to host their baby shower to celebrate the arrival of baby.

The shower took place in March. Knowing that the weather would be bleak, Bria wanted to infuse light pastels in the décor, while keeping it unique and special for Steph. She wanted this shower to be playful, yet tasteful.


We’ve talked about this before, adding natural elements to your design can transform a space in very special and unique ways. By individually stringing carnations as a backdrop, Bria created a special feature and perfect spot for photos to be taken.

 Design your own floral backdrop using a color palette to match your décor. By using varying colors, shapes, and sizes you will be able to create your own look and style.


Continuing the theme of natural elements, Bria used eucalyptus throughout her design. The green color paired with the white millwork creates a clean, fresh, and elegant look. Keeping the design simple will counteract the hustle of the party.

Incorporating the leaves and flowers throughout the design pulls everything together in a very organic way.


Instead of using emblematic party supplies, use dishes and décor that tell a story. For Steph’s shower, Bria used white scalloped china. Using white gives the food an opportunity to standout without competing against a busy plate.

For this particular shower, Bria focused on heavy hors d’oeuvres and light pastas. With that in mind, she catered from local markets including Kowalski’s and Whole Foods, knowing that the presentation would makeup for the lack of heavy dishes.

Bria loves to incorporate fun “drinky drinks” into her parties. For Steph’s baby shower, she created a mimosa bar complete with fresh juices and fruit. To complement the elegant theme, she used simple carafes and glass flutes. For a pop of playfulness, she added fun straws, whimsical menu cards, and handmade balloons that floated above the buffet {a special touch that Steph will use in baby’s nursery}.

The party was enjoyed by all the couples, creating a very special memory for Steph and Martin.




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