may 8, 2017

Empowering Working Moms

Bria Hammel Interiors: Empowering Working Moms of Minnesota

Bria has always said that she wants to own a company that empowers women to work, while allowing her employees with children to be able to support their families.

For those who’ve been following us, you know that Bria started the business at the same time she became a new mom. Louie was born just a month after BHI began. We joke about the business and Louie being born at the same time, but it actually happened!

How she managed running a successful startup on no sleep, zero personal time, while her husband Charlie worked a demanding full time job, is nothing short of a miracle.

When you ask Bria, she talks about why it’s important for her to empower other women to do what she’s done. It certainly isn’t for everyone, but she wants to give her team of fearless women the opportunity to be “a boss,” while still being involved moms. With Mother’s Day sneaking up on us {ahm…it’s on Sunday}, it’s time to give the BHI moms the spotlight.

Kari is a mom of her two 20-something boys. Before coming on full-time earlier this year, Kari ran her own design consulting business. With 30 years of interior design business experience, it’s safe to say she is an expert in many areas and a fearless leader. Like Bria, she somehow manages a busy work life as well as an exciting and entertaining personal life. As an established beauty editor for Fab Over 40, Kari is a guru in beauty and skin care. Having so much experience in the industry, she is an incredible mentor for our team.

Our newest mom on the team, Jess, is a mom of two under 4 years old. Her oldest is a big sister to their 8-month-old baby boy. With a love for design and a knack for making every room she enters beautiful, she recently joined the BHI team as a stylist. Jess has ten plus years in the industry. Having spent four years as a sales rep for a local showroom, she is incredibly knowledgeable with a noticeable talent for designing lovely spaces. Like Kari and Bria, Jess balances her love for being a mom of young ones with her passion for curating an aesthetic that forges new trends while being timeless.


We are lucky to have such strong and empowering moms on our team, and look forward to adding more women who want to follow their passion of having a powerful career while still being able to grow and manage a beautiful family.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Minnesota Moms!



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