may 24, 2017

Behind the Design with Lindsey, Minnesota Interior Designer

How Lindsey Became a Designer

Lindsey has always been interested in interior design. Her earliest memories are when she was in elementary school and became obsessed with architecture and design. Watching HGTV, paging through design magazines whenever she could, she loves the intricacies of home design. In high school, Lindsey’s career path started to take shape.

During her junior year, Lindsey had an inspiring art teacher who was the first person to expose her to the design industry. Through her teacher, she was able to shadow at a local architecture firm. From there, she learned about scale and color and knew her career had to be in interior design.

While studying interior design at NDSU, Lindsey’s first job was an internship at Floor to Ceiling under the Lead Cabinet Designer. She then made her way to New York City where she interned for a high-end design firm. When graduating college, Lindsey was offered a position as an Interior Designer Assistant at Bria Hammel Interiors.

A Sneak Peek at an Upcoming Project

Since moving to Minnesota and working as a designer for BHI, Lindsey has been able to work closely with Katie and I. To date, her favorite project is designing for the Crocus Hill remodel. They needed us to advise on a contractor, review the architectural drawings and select all the finishes for their 100 year old home. Designing a space for a family of 5, while maintaining the historical character of the home is the main design focus of the project.


Capturing the grand, yet humble, architecture of the Victorian Home is the challenge of this project. The 19th century home includes hand-crafted details and features that are original to the home {and that the clients want to preserve}. With research and creativity, the home is bringing its 100 years of charm into a 21st century design.

Stay tuned… Construction on this home begins this summer and the Crocus Hill reveal is coming later this year!



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