june 5, 2017

7 Fathers Day Gifts He Will Love

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Get him something he really wants.

With Father’s Day coming up, we wanted to share our top gift ideas for those special men in your life. Celebrate the man you love by giving him a gift he can use all year round.


First, lets start with the necessities. Have you noticed your husband’s or dad’s wallet? Chances are it’s aged, worn, and maybe even falling apart. This was the case for the men in our lives, so this year we campaigned to refresh their pockets with a new leather wallet. Our favorite, a J Crew leather card wallet.

Wanting something a little more versatile? Does he travel a lot and needed added protection to his wallet? Here are a few other options, with a wide range of price point to hit every person’s budget!

Another J Crew favorite, pocket squares!  If you’re trying to find new ways to accessorize your husband or freshen up his style, pocket squares are the perfect way to do this. We love getting a selection of colors for him to choose from. The best part, you have options as they vary in colors, fabrics, and styles.

Buy gifts that will win him over, and give him permission to relax. Every guy loves a flask, but this year take it a step further and throw in a new set of bar tools.  Do you still have the same set you received as a wedding gift years ago? Give him an upgrade by getting him a new set that he will be proud of and want to use.


A local spot we love to source from is Russel and Hazel. While on the hunt for unique studio supplies, we came across Koselig candles. Not only are they a local find, they are handcrafted by two men who wanted to build on relationships and create a warm atmosphere in their lives. Thus, their mission was born. The founders, Blake and Matt, have been life long friends that truly believe a great smelling candle {that looks awesome} can transform any situation to a warm place where people come together, forgetting about everything else for the moment.


Finally, we revert back to food. We all know that this is a guaranteed way to please him. Instead of making him a steak or taking him out to his favorite restaurant, give him a Joule. This is the latest and greatest cooking technique in which food is heated at a constant temperature in a water bath. This process is called sous vide. It sounds fancy, but it really means cooking food in water. Because the water cooks the food at a low, controlled temperature, the food never gets hotter than the water, making it impossible to overcook. The best part, it comes with a free app containing thousands of easy recipes. As the creators of the Joule say, “voila, perfection!”

Stay tuned, we are partnering with Joule for a Father’s Day giveaway coming up Father’s Day Weekend!

This year, show him how much he means to you by choosing gifts that he’ll love, use, and appreciate.





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