july 21, 2017

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Is Here!

For those of you who didn’t have early access, today is your day! It’s the first day of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, open to public and there are some amazing deals for the whole family!

The key to shopping this sale is shop early and always check back if something is out of stock, they are restocking throughout the entire sale.

All of these items are shoppable through this post, happy shopping!

Men’s Collection

Most guys we know hate shopping… and I chalk that up to not having a clue what to buy when they are out there in the sea of options. This is the perfect place to get ideas, and for people like Charlie, you don’t even have to step foot into the store! The suit on here is probably my favorite, its almost $300 off! All men look good in a navy suit, and its such a fresh take on a classic style.

Travel Essentials

Do you have a few items that are must packs when you travel? A good coat that folds nicely, comfortable but stylish shoes? How about an amazing suitcase that is the perfect size? We always seem to forget about these items until we are ready to pack for a trip, so we collected our favorites here for you so you have them at your fingertips on your next trip!

Kids Gear

Do you notice that baby/kid gear hardly ever goes on sale? Especially the necessities like car seats, strollers, etc. We gathered our favorite gifts, essentials, and fashion so you can take advantage of these great prices before there gone!

Closet Staples

Do you ever just wish you could go thru someone else’s closet and know what works and doesn’t work? Take the guessing out of what will turn out to be your favorites? We gathered our favorites at BHI of those basics that we use over and over throughout the different seasons so you can know that these are tried and true items that will last you over the years.


To see all the amazing items included in the sale, here is a direct link to the sale!






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