august 15, 2017

The Monthly Edit: August

I took a much needed week from blogging last week, and it felt oh so good! Sometimes you just have to focus on the important and check some things of the list to truly feel creative again. So with that being said, today I’m sharing August’s edition of The Monthly Edit!

August’s Monthly Edit

1. This summer has just flown by! Only a few weeks left until the kids head back to school here in Minnesota. That doesn’t mean you have to pull out your winter coats and get ready for cold weather. Fall is actually one of the most beautiful times of the year in this part of the country. Which means you don’t have to ignore your outdoor spaces.

Have you seen Caitlin Wilson’s new Outdoor Dining Collection? It’s a good one guys. It’s basically Preppy East Coast style meets a French Cottage on the coast.

2. We teamed up with Dormify this month and were so excited to giveaway an entire Dorm Room Makeover! Our lucky winner picked up the goods this week and           she is so excited to style her new space in Milwaukee! We just found Dormify this summer- where was this website when I was moving to college? They have               such cute decor, bedding, window treatments and accessories, and the best part is everything is priced great! Here are some of our favorites…

3. It’s no secret how much I love to travel. I’ll admit, I love staying in hotels where they clean the room every day, deliver food at any point when you are                        hungry, and have different areas of the property to explore. But hotels aren’t always the most practical when it comes to family. I’ve been on the search for                    beautiful homes to stay in that allows for 1 or 2 families to stay together, spacious and yet charming. I stumbled upon this site Luxury Retreats and man do they            have some beauties. They have great pictures, beautiful destinations, and for how large the homes are there are some really great prices!




4. I am a firm believer in continued education, master minding and business building with coaching. I think it’s a must if you really want to grow your business. If you follow us on social media like Instagram or Facebook, then you know we attend a lot of Gail Doby’s events. If you are an Interior Designer and want to find 1 resource that can really assist with all avenues of your business, this is the team for you.

We are excited to share with you all an amazing opportunity to attend one of Gail’s events at a deeply discounted price. This is the first year this event is being held at High Point Market, the day before market begins. What does this mean for you? First it allows you to piggy back some serious training and business building with another big event for Interior Designers, Market. Second, I’ll be speaking at this year’s Interior Design Summit, and would love to see you there 😉 For more information, and to buy tickets at the discounted rate, check out their site!

5. Speaking of continuing education… do you ever listen to podcasts? I love to pass time while stuck in traffic learning from others. I listen to podcasts all the time, they are a great tool for Interior Designers. My favorite one for running an Interior Design business is Luann Nigara’s A Well Designed Business. Each podcast is about an hour long, and there are so many little takeaways that I’ve actually listened to some of them more than once!

6. My kids are still at the age where they are really excited for school to start. Even Brooklyn, who isn’t even 2 yet, is so excited to go to school with her big brother this year. We did some major negotiations this year for back to school gear. I made an agreement with Louie that he could pick out any lunchbox he wanted, as long as I had a say with the backpack 😉 We finally agreed on these State bags for both of them. They are cute, simple, and so well made. Wanna know the best part? The company has promised for every bag sold, they will fill and giveaway 1 backpack to an American child in need. How cool is that? Nothing like feeling good when spending money!

7. We stumbled upon this Instagram account this month and dying over their adorable jewelry! I love finding unique sources for accessories. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it’s so fun to wear special pieces that not everyone has.

8. Did you know we started a new business? My father and I saw a need for new housing in his hometown and we decided to start a development company! This month we are starting our first spec home, and it is moving FAST. We are calling the neighborhood Walnut Farms, and this beauty is called the Birch House. I love having the opportunity to add value to a small town like Harmony. It really is a beautiful little town with some really great people. Make sure to follow along with us as the neighborhood develops!

9. We are starting a new project in Kansas City this month which of course has a special place in my heart because KC is my home away from home. Going to college in Kansas made the state my 2nd home, and some of my dearest friends are still there! It’s been fun working in different states and sourcing from local small businesses. One of our favorite stores in Kansas City is Coveted Home. They have the best collection of one of a kind rugs, pillows, and fun accessories for the home. This last week on our most recent trip we stopped in the store and they let us know that all of their product is now available to purchase online! Here are some of our favorites right now…

10. One more tip on working on your business. If you own a blog, or are thinking of starting one for your business, you have to read the Bloguette’s blog! So many powerful tools and tidbits of information. It’s crazy how resourceful one can be on the internet these days!

Thanks for following along on this months Monthly Edit! It’s so fun to see what inspires us every month. Keep on sharing what you guys are looking for, we had so much fun hearing all your feedback last month!


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