august 23, 2017

The Cooking Collective: Pesto Pasta

Did you catch our post a few weeks back of our Asian Grilled Salmon recipe? It has been a huge hit and we have had a lot of questions on what to pair with it. My mother in law always makes salmon with my husband’s all time favorite dish, pesto pasta {cheap date, I know!}. There are many different ways you can make pesto pasta. You can even buy the sauce pre-made at the grocery store! Our favorite is homemade pesto, and it’s simple enough anyone can make it with a few basic ingredients! So today, we are sharing our favorite Pesto Pasta recipe with the help of my fabulous mother in law, Kay.

It only takes a few simple ingredients: fresh basil, pine nuts, garlic cloves, olive oil, parmesan cheese, and salt and pepper. Most ingredients that people stock in their house! We buy our fettuccine noodles, my favorite are the Colavita Fettuccine Nests Pasta.

This pesto pasta, with our Asian Grilled Salmon recipe, is such an easy meal to pull together for your family or a small dinner party. Pair it with your favorite white wine or rosé and you have the perfect meal for any season of the year.


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