september 25, 2017

Our Favorite Before and Afters

Our Favorite Before & Afters

One of the most rewarding things when we work on a project is comparing the before and afters. Sometimes, once you work on a project long enough, it’s hard for us to remember what we started with. Thankfully, one of our first steps in our processes is taking a ton of before pictures. We use them through out the project, referencing different architectural details that we want to preserve, or we have to work around.

It’s pretty incredible the transformation that unfolds. Seeing these side by side truly shows what a difference can be made in a home with a fresh update.

The Highview Renovation

One of our most recent projects that we completed, the Highview Renovation, was an early 90’s townhome we started with in its original state. It certainly was livable, but the peach walls, vertical blinds and oak trim were screaming for a refresh. We tore down a few walls, but for the most part it was painting, adding a more substantial millwork detail, pulling the carpet and installing beautiful floor to ceiling cabinets. To see the full reveal click here.

The Sunfish Lake House

When we walked into the Sunfish Lake House the home was obviously just recently updated. The paint was fresh, the floors were new, but it still lacked that lived in feel. It’s incredible what the right furniture and fabrics can do to make a house a home. This was a complete home makeover for us, working with some existing furniture, and adding the rest. We added furniture, window treatments, accessories, everything that takes a big beautiful open space to a wonderfully lived in home. To see the complete transformation click here.

The Victoria Road House

The Victoria Road house was a renovation, addition, and complete refresh. We touched pretty much every inch of the existing interior, added a large addition on the back, and completely refinished the exterior. I love seeing how the outside of a house can do a complete 180 with a coat of paint. We changed the double columns to more substantial single columns and added shutters. We changed the roof color and took the dated brown siding to a much more suitable white to identify more with their classic country house taste. To see the full tour click here.

The Stonecliffe Drive House

Our Stonecliffe Drive remodel was one for the books! Another early 90’s house, there was nothing wrong with the original design it was just screaming dated with the warm maple cabinetry and trim, gold walls, and oversized spaces. One of my favorite details that we added was the mantle detail we added over the oddly low mantle in the two story great room. The homeowner’s didn’t want to remove the cabinets and mantle surround as they were functional, but the focal point was completely off balanced. By adding the shaped sheetrock detail to the top of it, and painting the entire structure the same color, we added balance and scale to the disproportioned room. One of the most simple, yet transformative designs we have done to date! For the complete before and afters click here.

Which one was your favorite? Do you love the complete overhauls or the projects that took a few simple changes to make a BIG difference? We will continue to share our Before and Afters with you in the coming months, there are some really fun projects we are wrapping up soon!


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