november 24, 2017

The Travel Gift Guide

The Travel Gift Guide

And just like that it’s Christmas time. This year everything seems to be flying by. As weeks pass and time is short, shopping off of curated gift guides is one of my favorite things! With all the travel we have been doing this year a travel gift guide seemed like the perfect first list to share with you all. What I love about gifting travel pieces is they tend to be items a person doesn’t always spend the money on themselves. Almost a luxury item, a gift that feels thoughtful and special, and doesn’t have to break the bank!

Luggage and Bags

When traveling, it’s always fun to have beautiful luggage to pack. A nice suitcase, a pretty carry on bag. You just feel good when you have nice travel gear. The mistake a lot of people make is getting good looking luggage, but not necessarily functional. A few tips that will make your traveling experience beautiful and fun!

  1. For your carry-on, make sure you have some sort of strap to allow you to be hands free. There is nothing worse that fumbling around with straps and heavy bags when you are walking thru large airports. {The Minneapolis airport is a prime example!}

Cuyana Duffle Bag

    2. For your suitcase… spinners are best. Why make yourself struggle with pull along suitcases when you can easily glide your luggage thru the airport? If you are getting a suitcase like this white one, don’t be afraid of          it getting dirty, just make sure you are investing in a hardcover suitecase so that it’s easy to wipe clean! {Magic Eraser will be your best friend!}

Bric’s Suitcase

Comfort On the Plane

  1. We all know how airplanes can be. You get on the plane, the air isn’t on and you feel like you are going to pass out. 20 minutes later, in the air and you are shivering from the cold air. Being comfortable is important but you don’t necessarily want to be wearing workout gear either. {If you are like us, the second we get off the plane we are off to client meetings etc}. Layers that are easy to take on and off is the perfect solution, and ones that maintain their shape and travel nicely is even better.

2. Especially for International travel, getting as much sleep as possible is the best solution for curbing jet lag. If you travel during the day it can be difficult to get yourself to fall asleep with all the light. Carrying a                    sleeping mask that doesn’t take a lot of room but can help you get some ZZZ’s is a must! I love this mask as it’s soft and won’t leave lines when you get off the plane 😉

Your Hotel Stay

  1. Staying in hotels can be a really good experience, or a really bad experience. A friend of mine, Lisa Kahn of Lisa Kahn Designs, shares her message of creating a sanctuary where ever you go. For me, having all of my beauty essentials with me allows me to feel 100% while traveling, therefore allowing me to relax and feel at home. The challenge can be finding travel size product that isn’t too heavy to carry around with you. I love this travel size blow dryer that is compact and oh so powerful! A definite travel must {we all know how horrible the hotel hair dryers are!}

T3 Blow Dryer

2. When you are on the go Dry Shampoo can be your best friend! Especially in different climates, having a little pick me up for your hair allows you to stretch out your time and keep you looking beautiful. We love this Living Proof dry shampoo, and love the packaging even more!

Living Proof Dry Shampoo

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Gift giving can be a challenge. I love sharing gift guides to help people find the perfect gift for their loved ones. We would love to hear if any of these items caught your eye! Happy Holidays, and please look for more gift guides to come!


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