february 12, 2018

Packing for a Long Flight | Bria Hammel Interiors

The BHI team travels pretty frequently and we like to think we’ve become pros at packing efficiently (see previous post here). Katie and I are gearing up for a big trip to India this week which means we’re in for some extra long flights. It got us thinking about what we need to have with us in our carry-ons. From luggage, electronics, and beauty, here’s our list of what we’re packing for our long flight.

Things to Hold it All

First, you’ll need something to put all of these items in. We’ve loved this cream carry-on because it’s a spinner, it’s a hardcover suitcase so it’s easy to keep clean, and well, it doesn’t hurt that it also looks beautiful!
We also purchased this amazing clear clutch. It holds everything from our passport, iPad mini, wallet, phone, etc. Since it is clear, it makes finding things in your carry-on so easy rather than having to rummage through your bag.

Things to Entertain Us

There are always those travelers who get on a plane and fall asleep immediately. We’re so jealous of those people! For some reason we’re just not that lucky and heavily rely on books/movies/tv shows to keep us entertained. So, we plan on bringing an iPad and these amazing wireless headphones. Not only are these incredibly stylish but they hold a 14 hour charge and have noise cancelling effects. However, since our fights are so long, we’re also packing this sleek portable charger with us too just to be safe.  We’ve started compiling a list of things to read/watch, but if you have any recommendations please send them our way!
This isn’t necessarily a necessity, but we just couldn’t resist sharing the camera we bought for our trip too! We went with the Fuji X-T20 with a zoom lens. It’s the perfect size, easy to use and it’s getting us super excited to capture every detail to share with you all.
And lastly, we wouldn’t be true interior designers if we didn’t pack a couple of our favorite design magazines to flip through as well 😉

Things to Wear

If you’re anything like us, you get cold on flights and need to layer up. We purchased this gray cape from Cuyana and it is pretty much the softest thing ever. We love the idea of sporting a cozy cape for a flight as it makes it easy to keeps your hands free for reading or playing on our iPad/Laptop.

Packing a sleeping mask also doesn’t take up a whole lot of room in your bag but can make the world of a difference during your flight. We got this silk one which we’ve heard nothing but amazing things about and we can see why. It’s incredibly comfortable and we can see ourselves using it on a nightly basis even.

If you’ve been following along with us for the past couple of weeks you know how obsessed we’ve gotten with Daniel Wellington watches. Almost every gal in the studio wants one now and we’re bringing ours along to India. It’s the perfect accessory and we plan on keeping our watches on Minnesota time (and our phones on India time) so that we can keep track of when to check in with our families and the studio– hello 10 hour time difference! P.s. Daniel Wellington has been kind enough to offer 15% to all of our readers using the code: BRIAHAMMEL

Things to Keep us Fresh
Traveling for sure takes a toll on the skin. Being confined in the dry air for so long can really make our skin dry. So aside from making sure to drink lots of water, we’re also packing a few things to keep our skin moisturized. We already use this rose water spray in our skincare/makeup routine and it will for sure be coming with us. This mist is the perfect pick me up for dehydrated, tight and uncomfortable skin.

We’ll also be packing some hand cream as well. We purchased this hand balm, it’s literally a winter skin saver and worth every penny. It has the most calming scent and keeps your hands soft (but not sticky!) all day.

We also try to find a few yummy, healthy snack options to bring on a flight as well. Lately we’ve been loving these RX bars because they’re made with such few ingredients but packed with protein.

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These are all our carry-on must-haves! Think we missed anything? Let us know your favorite travel essentials in the comments below.


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