march 7, 2018

Decorating with Green | Bria Hammel Interiors

With the changing of the seasons, you might find yourself also wanting to change up your home decor. We understand that not everyone has the time or the money to completely update a room, so we always like to find quick and simple ways to change the look of a space.

When accessorizing, all you need is three hints of the same color for a room to “read” the hue you’re going for. There are so many different hues of green to choose from that all create different vibes for a room that there really is a shade for every style and space. For our Mendota Heights Townhouse, we decided to change up the look by adding shades of sage, olive, and pistachio.

For the living room, one of the easiest ways we added green was by switching up the pillows and throw blanket. With the beautiful cream colored sofa as the backdrop, the pillows and throws really added that splash of color. We decided to mix prints as well which by choosing this floral pillow and this striped pillow which always adds that perfect eclectic touch.

Speaking of eclectic, what are your thoughts on our little beetle friend on the coffee table? We don’t normally decorate with insects, but we kind of loved it’s jewel tones and the way it looked on top of the vintage books! It’s definitely a conversation piece that’s for sure!

In the sewing room, we placed plants and flowers to liven up the space. Not only do they add color and fragrance, but they really make the area fresh and new in some sort of way. If you don’t have the strongest green thumb, we suggest going with a house plant that only requires a watering once a week (like the one we have sitting on the desk!).

We actually had the most luck finding green accessories for the kitchen! Whether it was a cake stand, a colander, glassware, or linens – we came across a huge amount of options. Green is a wonderful color for kitchens— although it’s vibrant, it indicates healthiness and calmness as well.

When we feel like we’re in a rut, we always love switching up mantle pieces and bookshelf accessories. Just by adding a few new unique pieces to your existing decor can make the world of difference. We personally love layering accessories to provide a little more height and texture. For example, in the bookshelf we took a stack of vintage books and placed a tray and a small vase with greenery on top.

You can always add and subtract items depending on how much green you want, but we always encourage you to have fun with it!

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Living Room

Sewing Room


Bookshelf and Mantle

Photography by Nicole Autumn


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  • cathy May 3, 2018, 9:39 am

    I would love to know the source for the striped green pillow. Thank you! I own the floral and would love to pair it.

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