march 19, 2018

Easter Tablescape | Bria Hammel Interiors

One of the most common questions our team gets asked on a regular basis is ‘where do you find your inspiration?’. Honestly, we find it anywhere and everywhere. From books and movies to nature and food, inspiration can hit us at any given moment. After a recent trip to Charleston, I’ve been particularly inspired by pastel colors. Which is perfect considering Easter is right around the corner! When pulling items for our Easter tablescape, we thought we would give you all a little glimpse of where we get our ideas, color schemes, textures, etc. from and how it translates into our final design.

This year, we chose a few pieces that are Easter themed (like the bunny plates and moss figurine) while the rest of the decor can be used all season long.¬†Whether you do Easter brunch or dinner we’ve rounded up our favorite tabletop items to inspire your Easter meal.

Our Inspiration


Our Color Scheme


Our Tablescape



See more of our Easter ideas here.


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