june 11, 2018

Our Gallery Wall Tips

A gallery wall is a perfect way to take up empty space on a wall and infuse color and pattern into a room. They can also be can be a creative way to show off your personality, style and some of your favorite art pieces! We recently photographed our clients home, which featured the most stunning gallery wall in their dining room which inspired us to write this post.

While styling a gallery wall can seem like a daunting project, it’s easier than some people think. We’ve put together some of our top tips, that we follow when creating a gallery wall, to help you create your very own.


The dining room is just one of many spots around your home where you could create a gallery wall. We want to maximize the impact of the gallery wall as much as possible so choose a spot where it’ll be a focal point in a room. We chose the dining room because we wanted to bring in more color and patterns, and plus it’s a great conversation starter when you have guest over for dinner. Win, win!


Don’t get us wrong, a set of uniform art pieces can look stunning, but sometimes we need to take it up another level by choosing a mix of frames and art.
We also love to add some unexpected elements, because no one said a gallery wall must consist only of frames! On this wall, we added hanging mirrors, tobacco baskets and gold fixtures for our unexpected elements.

Color Palette
It’s okay if the content isn’t the same, but it’s important to keep the color palette aligned with the rest of the room.

Starting Point
Ideally, we like to start with the piece that the eye is first drawn too. It may be the biggest or boldest pieces of the collection. Once you have that piece, the surrounding art work should be placed around it. On this wall, the large framed art stands out first, making it a great starting point for the rest of the arrangement.

Sharp Lines and Spacing
Because we have a variety of frames and art pieces, we wanted to create some structure. We created a tailored look while still mixing in the variety of sizes and shapes by adding a sharp boarder. To achieve this look, make a boarder on the wall ahead of time, giving the most varied assortment some structure by created sharp lines.

Great Lighting

Because the gallery wall is the focal point of the room, you want to make sure that it has great lighting. Whether it’s natural light coming through the windows or artificial, we want to put more focus on the wall. We have natural light coming through the windows, but we added a chandelier to draw even more attention. It is the focus point after all!

And finally, our last piece of advice is to have fun with it! Like we said, it may seem like a daunting project but it doesn’t have to be! Anything that involves some shopping is considered fun, right? Start by looking around your house for more sentimental pieces or art work you love, but haven’t found the perfect place for. Then shop around for the missing pieces!

We will be revealing the rest of this home in weeks to come, but we hope that with our tips, you’re inspired to test out a gallery wall in your own home!

Photography by: Spacecrafting Photography


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  • Barb June 12, 2018, 9:18 am

    Where did you get the dining table and chairs, please? Thank you

  • Amy, Home Glow Design June 12, 2018, 10:01 am

    What a WONDERFUL dining room! I love your vintage gallery wall, but what I love more are your layered Roman shades and the fabric on the chairs. :) Gallery walls are so tough to space some times.... If you're ever interested, I blogged about an easy digital way to mock up your gallery wall before hammering any nails just a few weeks ago. It's helped me a lot!

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