june 19, 2018

Behind the Design: Why I Chose to Launch My Own Product Line

Why Start Another Business?

I’ve been told I’m a little crazy. Called a workaholic. Always looking for the next adventure. But here’s the deal, when I see a need, and can’t get an idea out of my head, I have to go for it, or I know I’ll always regret it.

A favorite quote of mine that comes across my screen too often to be ignored: “If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working on it.” {I believe Michael Jordan was the originator of this!}

My passion is creating homes that are beautiful, timeless, fun and durable. The perfectly curated home is all of this. A home someone walks into and is immediately drawn in. It feels comfortable, but oh so beautiful. Each room gives you the desire to never want to leave. I believe everyone deserves a home like this, and that’s why I wanted to figure out a way we could help more peopleĀ achieve this perfectly curated home.

We Saw A Need In the Marketplace

Since I started this design business, we have always attracted clients that want beautiful spaces, but also really want to live in their homes. We typically design with light color palettes, which creates the issue of finding furnishings that were beautiful but also really durable. Our clients tend to have young families, love to entertain, or have grandchildren who play a special role in their clients lives that beg for what we have now trademarked as “Life Friendly” furnishings.

When searching for these Life Friendly products, we could find a few pieces sprinkled through our favorite vendors, but it was always a tedious process to pull an entire design together mixing those important durable pieces with the pieces of furniture that were knockout must haves in a space. That’s when I started thinking more and more about creating a line of home furnishings with items that were easily identifiable as Life Friendly, as well as curate a collection of product that would allow our customers to have our beautiful, casual approach to design in their own homes.

Our Interior Design Service Isn’t For Everyone

Working with an Interior Designer is not an inexpensive way to go. Yes we can save you a lot of money by saving you from making big mistakes. We can help you source some of the most unique items in the world. We certainly can give you a perfectly curated home, and take all the work out of it for you. But sometimes it’s just not in the budget for people to work with us, and yet they want to try and achieve our signature BHI look in some way. With all of our fabulous followers on social media, more and more people are asking us for advice, wanting to know where we source our product from, and sharing our work for others to be inspired by.

Creating an online site where people can shop our looks, have easy access to our favorite pieces, and also gain that level of durability that our clients are always looking for was our number one goal! This will now allow us to create even more unique designs for our Interior Design clients and keep their designs exclusive to them, while broadening our reach to share a little bit of BHI with everyone else in the world.

So Is EVERYTHING In the Line “Life Friendly”?

When we came up with the idea of tagging certain items in Brooke & Lou as “Life Friendly”, we committed to only using this tag if we KNEW this product would hold up to real life. I’m a firm believer that your house doesn’t need to be made out of plastic. There are certain items that if they are of good quality, they will do just fine without putting an extra layer of protection on them. Other items, like fabrics on dining chairs and barstools, I don’t care how cleanable the fabric is, if you have little kids {or messy friends} that fabric is going to be hard to keep up with. So our dining chairs and barstools will all have the option to use wipeable fabric on them.

We know not everyone needs this level of durability, so that is why on a lot of our items we are giving the option.

The same goes for our upholstery. Not everyone is concerned on the cleaning care of fabric on their sofas. Maybe it’s going in a secondary sitting room, or a bedroom, and you don’t need stain protected fabric. But if it’s your great room sofa and those little hands are going to be all over it right after dinner, we want you to have the option!

The items in Brooke & Lou that we consider to be “Life Friendly” will have this little sign on the product page:

Brooke & Lou Life Friendly | Bria Hammel Interiors

When you see this sign on a product, you know we are confident the piece will hold up to every day crazy life, and are all pieces we would put in our own homes with our littles, messy husbands, and pets.

We Can’t Wait to Get Brooke & Lou Into Your Home!

August can’t come soon enough. There’s a lot of work to do, but we are working like crazy to make Brooke & Lou your go to place for a beautifully curated home. We would love to hear what you have been looking for that you can’t seem to find. We plan to grow our line as time goes on, and are always on the hunt for beautiful new product to include. Thanks for coming on this new adventure with us! It’s going to be a wild ride šŸ˜‰

If you want to stay connected with all the happenings for Brooke & Lou, sign up for our newsletters here. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, where we are sharing weekly sneak peaks of our product up to launch!


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