september 11, 2018

Our Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about capsule wardrobes and wanted to look into it for ourselves. We love the idea of making our mornings a little easier by spending less time putting together the perfect outfit. Give us the opportunity to have a few extra minutes to enjoy our cup of coffee or read the news (aka scroll through our Instagram feed mindlessly), and we’re pretty much game. 

With the changing of the seasons, we thought it would be the best time to try and create our own capsule wardrobes. We started by packing away our summer clothing, to make room for our new fall sweaters and boots. After all, the whole point of having a capsule wardrobe is to create fabulous outfits with fewer items, so pack away as many items that you won’t be wearing in the next 6+ months!

If you’re feeling very ambitious it might even be helpful to not only pack away summer clothes, but get a head start by getting rid of or donating pieces you know you won’t be wearing next summer. 

Then it’s the fun part – shopping! We really wanted to find great transitional pieces that we could keep for years, like a fantastic pair of boots or a well-made jacket. The key to creating a capsule wardrobe are finding items that you can mix-n-match with each other which can be easier to do in the Fall/Winter because, well, layers.

We shopped all of our favorite brands to curate our top pieces we can’t live without this fall and rounded them all up for you below. You can shop our picks by clicking on the + sign over the image!




What are you thoughts on a capsule wardrobe? Is it something you think you could take on? Let us know in the comments!


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