october 25, 2018

The Yummiest Halloween Treat

We’ve had such an amazing autumn here in Minnesota and it really has us in the holiday spirit that much more! About a month ago we posted our Fall bucket list, and it’s been so much fun checking things off one by one. With Halloween approaching, I quickly noticed that there was one item on the list that we had to check off before October 31st – watching Hocus Pocus! Who else has the tradition of watching it every year? Now that Louie is a bit older, he was able to watch it with us and while he still thought it was a little too spooky, we still had the best night together. I’m thinking it maybe has to do with this yummy, halloween treat though…

Last week on our Instagram stories we shared a sneak peek of this snack and we were so excited to see many of you were interested in the recipe! We’ve seen a variation of this treat floating around Pinterest, and while you technically could make it year round, we decided to put a little Halloween twist on it.

This popcorn bark is extremely easy to make and requires no baking (isn’t that the greatest?!). Both Brooklyn and Louie had a blast helping me out in the kitchen and I’m thinking this will be a new, yearly occurrence in our home.

If you end up making this treat yourself, we would love to know your thoughts! Let us know in the comments below!


Happy Halloween, everyone!

Additional Credits: Photography by – Reyna Meinhardt


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