november 8, 2018

Celebrating Friendsgiving

Just when we thought we couldn’t love autumn any more, enter Friendsgiving. You won’t find this term in the dictionary, but consider this our official petition because we are all for it. What’s not to love about a coming together of good friends and good food? The beautiful thing about Friendsgiving (aside from feasting on mashed potatoes) is that’s it’s a little more low-key and without all the pressure that can sometimes come with entertaining during the holidays.

Rule #1 of Friendsgiving? There are no rules! Want to ditch the turkey and stuffing for cinnamon sugar donuts and hot toddies? Go for it, girl!

Our team got together this past week to have our own little Friendsgiving celebration and it was a blast! Living in Minnesota, we’re fortunate enough to experience the beauty of the leaves changing colors, so we thought why not bring it outside?

With cozy throw blankets in tow, we headed to one of our favorite parks and set-up this dreamy, autumn table scape (cause, really, what else would you expect from a group of interior designers? 😉).

Our Guide to Throwing a Friendsgiving Celebration

What to Use for Décor: As we mentioned above, the beauty of Friendsgiving is it’s casualness. While you might choose to do a more formal table scape with place settings for family, that rule can kind of go out the window for Friendsgiving! We opted for a more informal, buffet-style set up and stacked the plates and silverware for guests to grab at their convenience.

To give our table those cozy, fall vibes we chose to not only layer throw blankets on the chairs for guests to use but selected a large, plaid blanket to be draped over the entire table as well.

Pomegranate Throw Blanket | Plaid Throw Blanket | Sage Throw Blanket

No matter the level of formalness, in our eyes no table is complete without florals. We selected some of our favorite fall flowers (like dahlias, eucalyptus, and ranunculus) in deep, rich autumn shades from our local floral market.

What to Wear: It kind of goes without saying, but, anything you can eat lots and lots of food in! Cozy sweaters and flannel shirts are always a good choice, but I’ve found that sometimes dresses are the most comfortable.

I found this floral maxi dress earlier this month and have already worn it numerous times! It’s so easy to throw on and can be dressed up or down easily like I did with this hat.

What to Eat: While you can never go wrong with the traditional grub (i.e. turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc.), we opted for drinks and desserts! Everyone brought a different fall dessert and we spent the afternoon feasting on apple pie, cinnamon donuts, apple cake, and pumpkin bread! We paired it with apple cider (we were on the clock here 😉), but we also found this recipe for a yummy, autumn Moscow mule that we can imagine would be just as delicious as well!

We had such a fun time celebrating Friendsgiving and putting together this festive table setting – we hope it provides you with a little inspiration for your own gathering!


Additional Credits: Photography by Reyna Meinhardt


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