november 15, 2018

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

We recently read an article that stated that people who put up their Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving tend to be happier individuals overall. Well, we have to say, we definitely agree. Around this time each year, our team suddenly gets majorly giddy. As Interior Designers, you would think we would be used to the fact that we gear up for holidays weeks, sometimes months, ahead of everyone else. But not Christmas. There’s something so magical about this holiday, that it always seems to sneak up on us every year and fills us with excitement again and again.

Each year, we’re honored with the task of decorating our client’s houses for the holidays and it has become one of our most cherished traditions. Since we always like to give ourselves enough time to order and receive the pieces for their homes, we tend to place our orders in mid-October. Yes, before Halloween even! While it may seem a little out of sorts, we’ve found surefire ways to put us in the holiday spirit – turning up the Michael Bublé holiday station, lighting that evergreen candle, and breaking out our cozy, winter clothing.

When you live in a cold climate like Minnesota, comfortable, warm staples you can wear year after year are a MUST. While it’s so important to find pieces you can bundle up in, we also think it’s just as important to find ones that you feel good, fashionable, and beautiful in too!

As many of you know by now, Nordstom is always our go-to when it comes to shopping for apparel – and, well, pretty much everything else if we’re being honest. With their free shipping and free returns (and no minimums!) it’s kind of a no brainer though, right? As the temperatures began to drop a few weeks ago, I found myself pining over new pieces to add to my wardrobe as I tend to do with every change of the seasons. Who else is guilty of this? As always, Nordstrom saved the day and I ordered up a few new staples I’ve been needing.

A couple of days ago, our team headed the cutest local tree farm to pull some inspiration for our upcoming holiday decorating projects and it was the perfect opportunity to pull out my fresh pieces! Oh, and did we also mention that some of these pieces are on sale through the 18th?! You can easily shop my look and a few other pieces that are currently sitting in my shopping cart below. Happy Shopping! 😉


Shop My Look


In My Shopping Cart

Additional Notes: Photography by: Reyna Meinhardt

This post was in collaboration with Nordstrom, a brand we absolutely love and adore. All opinions are our own.



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