november 21, 2018

Holiday Beauty Essentials

With freezing temperatures and blowing winds, Minnesota winters tend to be rather harsh to our skin. Although I always try to keep my skin as moisturized and hydrated as possible during the colder months, sometimes I find myself needing a little extra help when it comes to achieving that glow.

Since I usually like to keep my look fairly simple and natural, the holidays are always such a fun time to switch up my typical beauty routine. By adding in a bit of sparkle or playing around with richer hues, I’ve found that creating a little bit more of a glowing and glamorous look for the holidays really only takes a few extra steps!

One of my favorite tricks when wanting to try out new beauty or skincare products is to look for the travel size or mini version! Not only is it not as much of an investment, but if I end up not liking the product I’m not stuck with a full-size version that’ll never get used. Typically, I have a pretty good sense by the time I finish the mini size if I like the product enough to re-order the full version as well.

A go-to place of mine to look for travel sets or makeup kits is Nordstrom. If you’re anything like me, makeup stores can be a little dangerous. I end up going in for a new tube of mascara and end up leaving with $160 worth of product. Shopping online has become my saving grace when it comes to this (I can stay a little more focused 😜) and with Nordstrom’s free shipping and free returns I avoid those extra fees just like I would if I were actually in the store myself.

To switch up my beauty routine for the new season, I picked up a few pieces from Nordstrom that are perfect for any holiday occasion. From neutral champagne shimmers to vibrant rosey tones, below you’ll find a roundup of all the products I’m adding to my routine this winter! Oh, and maybe the best part… because of their pre-Black Friday sale – almost all of the pieces are nearly 60% off today through 11/23!

Shop My Holiday Beauty Essentials


Additional Notes: This post was in collaboration with Nordstrom, a brand we absolutely love and adore. All opinions are our own.


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