december 5, 2018

A Trip to the Christmas Tree Farm

As we’ve mentioned before, the holidays are a busy, busy time for our studio! We’ve had such a blast the past few weeks catching up with our past clients and decorating their homes for Christmas. It’s truly one of our favorite things to do every year.

While most of our clients have fake Christmas trees because of the low maintenance nature of them, the one thing they often miss is that incredible, evergreen scent that fills the house. To take care of this, we opt for fresh garlands, swag, and wreaths to do the trick! Or, of course, lighting our favorite spruce scented candle.

A couple of weeks ago a few of us from our team headed to Krueger’s Christmas Tree Farm, a local gem just 15-minutes from our studio, to gather up inspiration and pieces for our clients. We loved walking through the grove of trees and taking in their sweet pine smell. My son, Louie, also got to tag along (lucky guy! 😉) and he had a blast as well. The owners, Neil & Deb, were the kindest people ever and even allowed Lou into their personal home that’s on the property to use their restroom as soon as we arrived at the farm. #reallife

Although the snow hadn’t quite fallen yet, it was a rather chilly day so we not only made sure to bundle up but brought a batch of hot cocoa in these darling thermoses and a few blankets to keep us warm. Being from Minnesota, we know a thing or two about dressing for winter and we got so excited to finally break out all of our plaid, wool, and cashmere pieces. For us, getting dressed up is part of the fun of the holiday season! You can easily shop me and my gal’s pieces below.


Spending time with our family and friends really make this time of year a blast. Krueger’s would be such a great place to visit with your family and take holiday photos at. If you live in the Twin Cities area, make sure to stop by before Christmas passes us by!

Additional Credit: Photography by Reyna Meinhardt.


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