january 3, 2019

Mantle Décor After the Holidays

The holidays are over, whether you’re upset or relieved about. Here at the studio, we’re a little bit of both! While the holidays are a magical time of year, we’re excited to kick-off 2019 feeling renewed, rested, and inspired. But, whichever side you land on, it’s hard to deny that our homes can feel a little bare once all the Christmas decorations come down.

One space we’ve noticed particularly needs a little extra love is also one of the most overlooked: the mantle. Without all the holiday festivity (i.e. accessories, garland, lights, etc.), the area above our fireplace tends to look like a huge blank spot. While some might think that’s boring, we like think of it as an opportunity!

To save your mantle from gathering dust until next Christmas, we’ve put together some of our favorite pieces to decorate our mantle with through the rest of the winter to keep it looking beautiful and fresh!

A Few of Our Favorite Mantle Pieces

Interested in more ways to fill your home after the holidays? See another post of ours here.


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