january 8, 2019

Our Favorite Exterior Paint Colors

The exterior of your house is the first impression and way to welcome your guests into your home. While we do spend the majority of the time inside our houses, it’s crucial to remember to not neglect the importance of an inviting, complimentary, exterior.

We love a good pop of color here at the studio, but trends come and go, and picking a color that will have lasting style can be tricky. To prevent you from getting too overwhelmed by the abundance of paint colors out there, we’ve gathered some of our all-time favorite colors for the outside of your home, from the siding to the front door.

We’ve chosen classic, simple colors that will withstand changing trends. Think about shades of off-white and gray. Colors like these are going to save you all the work of finding a new color once trends change.

If you still want a contrast on the outside but don’t want to use a color, stick with a light color for your siding and a darker color for your door. This will give you an exciting touch without worrying about repainting again and again.

Below are the exterior paint colors that have become our tried and trues over the past years. We’ve even rounded up a few examples to show how they look in action as well!

Interested in sprucing up your interior as well? Click here to see our list of favorite neutral paint colors.


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