january 22, 2019

Here to Stay: Blue and White Décor

It’s safe to say that we’ve seen a few design trends come and go over the years. With so many different fads out there, it’s sometimes hard to know what will stay and what will go. We decided to start a new series on the blog entitled ‘Here to Stay’, where we break down some of our favorite design elements, decor pieces, and styles that we think stand the test of time. First up? Blue and white décor!

If you’ve been following BHI for a while, you know how much we love combining blue and white into our designs. This timeless palette is such a classic that, when it’s done right, we often see blue as a neutral color even. Whether it’s on the walls, furniture, or accessories, blue adds that subtle touch of color to a space while not overwhelming it.

A classic pairing like blue and white can be involved in all sorts of scenes. When the weather gets warmer, we think about nautical stripes and a costal influence, when the temperatures are low, those icy, cool blues come out to play. However, no matter the season or style, we are sure that you can find a beautiful, timeless blue and white piece that’s perfect for your home.

To give you some inspiration, we’ve rounded up a few of our current décor favorites below! To shop, simply hover over the images and click on the piece, or, click the links at the end of the post.

Rug | Vase | Beads | Lumbar Pillow
Bench | Pillow | Basket | Tray | Lamp


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