march 5, 2019

Brooke & Lou: Spring Collection Launch!

It’s here! Today, Brooke & Lou’s Spring Collection launches and we truly couldn’t be more excited. After a very long and snowy winter in Minnesota, we are more than ready to welcome bright colors and playful patterns back into our lives. Who’s with us?

We like to view our newest collection as a celebration of spring in two acts. Act one is all about spring cleaning. From darling dustpan and brush sets and feather dusters, to turkish towels and fly swatters, we’ve given you a solid foundation for tidying up the house to welcome in the new season.

And of course, in true Brooke & Lou fashion, we’ve made a few adjustments to the typical household products just to make them a little nicer to look at. Who knew cleaning supplies could be so pretty? 😉

Once you’re all finished tidying up, we enter act two of our collection: entertaining! A clean house means it’s time to show off after all! We’ve added so many beautiful pieces to bring to your tables like checkered paper table runners, an assortment of napkins, plates, cheese boards, and much more!

Get ready to impress all of your friends and family with colorful spring setup that we’ve carefully put together just for you. Spring is all about regrowth and the return of nature. You’ll find that inspiration in our pieces in a literal sense, with prints of fruits and florals, as well as in a figurative sense, with our Ceramic Egg Holders and matching Adult and Children’s aprons.

We encourage you to spend your spring with your loved ones and wanted to create a collection that represented that. This may be our favorite collection to date and we hope you love it just as much as we do!


Photography by: Spacecrafting Photography



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