april 9, 2019

A Preppy Easter Tablescape

If you’re anything like us, you know that there are some holidays that are just easier to decorate for than others. One of those for us has always been Easter. Pastel hues, playful patterns, and a bright, feminine aesthetic is right up our alley so pulling decor or putting together a tablescape for this holiday has always been fun for us. 

However, one dilemma that we often come across when decorating for Easter is that it can easily become super kitschy and over the top quickly. Because of this, we choose to focus on the theme of Spring instead — selecting pieces we can use all season long and even into Summer. Gotta love that multi-use! Then, we’ll incorporate those subtle, timeless items that give a nod to the holiday (i.e. bunnies, eggs, chicks, etc.) sparingly. Whether you’re hosting a lively brunch or a quiet dinner, we’ve rounded up our favorite pieces to put together a perfect Easter tablescape.

Blue & White Picnic Check Paper Table Runner
Our blue and white table runner is the perfect alternative to the pastel blue you’ll find in most Easter decorations. Plus, it’s the perfect way to keep mess off the table!
Honey Bee Jar
Celebrate spring with this adorable bee-adorned honey pot. Perfect for Easter brunch!
Lemon Plate Set
Decorate your table with these adorable citrusy platters. We can’t think of a better way to display our food!
Ceramic Berry Canister Set
These darling canisters are the perfect alternative to the kind you get at the grocery store. The best part is that you can reuse them again and again!

Border Stripe Dinner Napkins in Sky Blue
These napkins with a hint of bright blue are the perfect match for your table runner. You know you’ll get use out of these long after Easter is over!
Woven Napkin Ring
Switch up your table by displaying your napkins in a way you typically don’t. These woven napkin rings are our favorite for a spring tabelscape.
Glass Citrus Squeeze
Name something better than fresh squeezed juice on Easter morning? Nothing else is coming to mind here. With this juicer, you can whip up some juice whenever you’re in the mood.


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