april 25, 2019

Dining Chair Roundup

Finding the perfect dining chair can be an intimidating task. Sometimes there’s a struggle between wanting something beautiful but needing something that will hold up against life and it’s every day, inevitable messes. But why choose between the two? We believe there’s no need to sacrifice beauty when it comes to your dining room. We’ve gathered up some of our favorite dining chairs that are both durable and stylish!

1. The spool legs on these chairs make them unique enough to stand out, but classic enough to never go out of style.
2. We love this laid-back style for everything from brunch with friends to big family dinners.
3. This elevated, classic style is perfect for a formal dining room. Plus, its skirt makes it easy to tuck messes away on short notice.
4. We’re in love with this Brooke & Lou chair. Its simple design will keep it in style forever.
5. It doesn’t get much more classic than this. This traditional but stylish dining chair will go with almost any table you pair it with.
6. This bamboo-inspired chair offers a whole new take on traditional, and we’re all about it!
7. The unique design on the back of this chair makes it the perfect addition for adding a little pizzazz to your dining room.
8. If you’re as addicted to whicker as we are, we highly recommend this Brooke & Lou classic. The cozy and stylish companion your dining table has been looking for. And its Life-Friendly build will make sure it will hold up against any kiddos or pets that might be a little more rough than you’d like.
9. This mid-century modern-inspired dining chair has completely stolen our hearts. With its sleek design and minimalist vibe, we think it’s a great way to elevate your dining experience (or maybe just your table).


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