june 13, 2019

3 Gallery Wall Alternatives

While we don’t see photographs going out of style any time soon, lately we’ve been playing around with new, unique alternatives to the traditional gallery wall. One of the reasons why we’re so drawn to gallery walls is due to the repetition which can really be done with a numerous amount of different pieces. From sleek, clean options to more eclectic looks, we’ve rounded up our 3 favorite gallery wall alternatives below!

The reason this look is so striking is really due to the repetition aspect. We loved using the lanterns, but you could really use any piece that you love! Artwork would be another great option and by using the same frame or even the same print repeatedly in the installation you can achieve a similar look and feel! However, we suggest going with neutral tones (i.e. bronze, gold, black, white, etc.) so that it doesn’t come off looking too busy.


In rooms where the ceilings are high, we like to incorporate tall lanterns to make those blank walls appear full. After spotting these incredible, oversized dark bronze lanterns last year we knew they would look perfect in a repetitive pattern on the wall in our Scottsdale project.

We love that they truly act as art in the space! We suggest going with neutral tones (i.e. bronze, gold, black, white, etc.) so that it doesn’t come off looking too busy. And, by adding flameless candles that are controlled by a remote, you can add instant warmth and coziness to your room.


If you’re looking to add some texture to your space, look no further than baskets! We love this option because it doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact we often find most of our baskets from vintage stores or even Etsy! By mixing different shapes and sizes (however we suggest keeping all the baskets pretty shallow), you can add some dimension and color to your room instantly.  


Not quite sure what to do with that vintage dishware set you inherited? Look to your wall! We’ve done this in numerous projects before (especially in dining rooms!) and love the look. A medley of collected pieces like plates can create character to your room and make a focal point in your space that is sure to be a conversation starter. To create a cohesive look, consider choosing a tight color scheme (i.e. blue and white).

Have a gallery wall alternative that you love? Let us know in the comments below.

Additional Credits: Lantern Photo – Alyssa Rosenheck | Basket & Plate Photos – Spacecrafting.


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