july 2, 2019

Pieces for Your Pets

It’s no doubt that our pets play a huge role in our lives. More than just furry friends, these creatures become members of our family and our love for them runs deep.

A few years ago, we created the hashtag #bhipets on Instagram so that our team members, followers, and clients could share photos of their own pets – we just can’t get enough!

Since the majority of our clients have pets, we are frequently faced with the task of finding practical, but beautiful, pet-related items that fit into the rest of their homes seamlessly.

We feel you shouldn’t have to sacrifice beauty when catering to your furry pals and that it is possible to find pieces for them that are also pretty to look at! Although, we understand, they’re not the easiest to find!

To save you some time, we’ve rounded up our favorite pieces for pets that we’ve selected for ourselves and our clients over the years!

To shop these pieces, simply hover over the item and click the “+” mark.


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