july 23, 2019

Here to Stay: Block Print

When we planned our trip to India last February in preparation of the launch of Brooke & Lou, we had no idea how inspired we would leave. From colors and textures to sights and sounds, we tried to soak up as much as we possibly could in our short time there. However, one of the biggest things we took home with us was our love for block printing.

This ancient Indian technique has existed for centuries and we were lucky enough to observe block printers and their process while we were in Bangalore. For those who are unfamiliar, block printing is the process of printing patterns on textiles (usually linen, cotton or silk) through the stamping of wooden blocks. It is the earliest and most time extensive of all methods of textile printing.

Although this practice dates back to 220 AD, the trend remains popular to this day and it’s almost impossible to find a fabric or artwork line that isn’t somewhat inspired by block printing.

‘A photo from India last year where we saw our first Brooke & Lou wood stamp. This would soon become our Lyla Stripe pattern which is now offered in wallpaper, pillows, and fabric by the yard. ’

One of our favorite aspects about hand-block fabrics or wallpapers is how unique, versatile, and surprising they can be. You have so much freedom to be as creative as you’d like and the possibilities of designs and colorways are endless.

Today, we’ve rounded up our favorite block-print inspired pieces. To shop, simply hover over the item you want to browse and click the black “+” sign.


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