july 31, 2019

Monthly Recap: July 2019

It’s been a very long time since I have shared a monthly recap, but with all the craziness going on I think it is so important to reflect on what we have accomplished, and what I’m looking forward to!

So, we will start to share these monthly posts again to share with you all a little piece of behind the scenes – could be work related, travel related, shopping related. 😉

July 2019 Monthly Recap

Brooke & Lou Fall Launch

Our Brooke & Lou fall launch is coming up in August and our team has been working HARD to get ready. This is a big one! Now that we have 1 year under our belt, and have set the tone for our aesthetic for the line, we wanted to expand the depth of what you can do with our product. So we are calling this our “Fall Neutral Launch” (I promise we put much more time into the actual collection than into the name 😉).

I love to window shop when I am traveling, especially in high end fashion boutiques. A trend I continued to see as I traveled all over the country was the combination of neutrals with a soft fresh pop of color. Think camel, brown, charcoal, lavender and mustard.

Color inspiration from some of our favorite designer friends. Left: Mark D. Sikes \ Right: Amber Interiors

We wanted to add neutrals to our line that still worked well with our signature soft colors. I’m so excited this new collection with you – launching September 3rd!

‘This became our inspiration for our color palette this fall. ’


Speaking of travel, my college girlfriends and I booked a trip to Portugal in October. We are already working on our itinerary and all I keep doing is saving pictures of beautiful buildings, tiles, and linens that I want to bring home with me! If you’ve been to Portugal please feel free to send all of your recommendations my way!

Genius Exchange

In July, our Leadership Team attended the Genius Exchange with Gail Doby. I was honored to be a keynote at the event – which I must say I had some anxiety about the past few months. I am far from an eloquent public speaker, but what I do love to do is pay it forward. When I started this company I wish I had more people I could connect with to learn from and share ideas. Now it’s my mission to help as many people in this industry as I can. I truly believe there is room for all of us in this space, and sharing what I have learned will never hurt our business. If you haven’t attended a Gail Doby event, and you are a designer, I highly recommend following them to learn more about where they will be! Pure. Gold.

What I’m Loving

I am part of this amazing group of female business owners called the Female Founders Collective – and we get daily emails from the group sharing our new businesses, resources, and events we are hosting. A fellow member shared her knew fashion line, Altress, and I fell in love with the customizability of the line. You can pick the top style, length, and bottom style of the dress, as well as the color! Short dresses are $298 and long dresses are $348- easy as that! I love seeing companies create new ways for people to shop, be efficient, and have a say. Check them out here to design your own dress! And did I mention the dresses are made to order, encouraging sustainability by lessening the waste of clothes. Genius.

We have a lot to look forward to in August. I think we might be doing 5+ photoshoots this coming month? Busy busy, but so many beautiful projects to share! And on our downtime my family will be enjoying the pool, sunshine, and time together this last month of the summer!


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