september 12, 2019

We’ve Been Keeping a Secret…

For almost a year now, we’ve been keeping a big secret about a special project we’ve been working on. Today, we’re so excited to finally announce that Bria has been named The Tile Shop‘s first-ever Brand Ambassador!

If you’ve been following BHI from the start, you’ve known our love for The Tile Shop. Having worked with their product and team for years, they’ve been one of the best, most hardworking, and dedicated vendors we’ve ever worked with in this industry. So, when they approached me to be their first-ever Brand Ambassador, it felt like such a natural fit and an obvious YES!

So what can you expect over the next year? More content about my favorite tiles, trends, insights in the design world, and a few Tile Shop exclusive projects we designed that we cannot wait to reveal!

I am so honored to represent a brand that I truly love and shares a common goal of creating homes for clients that are as a beautiful and unique as they are.

To my Tile Shop family – thank you so much for selecting me to be your first-ever Brand Ambassador. This next year is going to be so incredibly fun and rewarding. I can’t wait to see where this beautiful, collaborative relationship takes us!


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