december 12, 2019

Behind the Design: The 1 Tool Every Interior Designer Needs to Use

When I tell people I’m an Interior Designer, I often find myself posed with a handful of common questions and comments. “Wow, how glamorous!”, “So, do you just sit and look at fabric swatches all day?”, and, my personal favorite, “Oh, I could never afford a designer.” #designmyths

And, while I won’t lie that a good portion of my job is beautiful, desirable, and fun it is also a lot of hard work, problem solving, and, well, paperwork.

In order to be a designer, you really need to love what you do to an extreme. Why? The glamor and charm of the job can quickly fade away when you’re drowning under proposals, contracts, purchase orders, receipts, invoices, payments, etc. The list goes on and on. When I was just starting my business, I was a one-woman show. I was the designer, accountant, expeditor, pricing coordinator, and marketing coordinator. I quickly learned that I needed to find a tool or, better yet, a software that could allow me to do all of these easily and efficiently. And, if you’re a designer reading this, you might be feeling the same.

Over the years, I’ve tried handfuls of management software’s and not one came close to Design Manager. It pretty much changed everything for me and my business. Without diving too deep, here are just a few, quick ways it’s impacted BHI:

• It allowed me to spend less time on accounting and project management. More available time = more clients I can take on.

• It kept our business and projects organized and created processes for our company without us even trying. I can now onboard a new employee within a few, short weeks. Less training meant for more client work and billable time. I now have 17 employees that use Design Manager on a daily basis.

• It brought in more money for our business. I know that it’s a bit taboo to talk about financials, but it’s the truth. By using a software that was entirely designed for designers (no pun intended), it’s cut out confusion, avoided us accounting/ordering/purchasing errors, and caught any human error or mistakes we might make along the way.

From adding pictures to documents, viewing order statuses, generating interior design and accounting reports, housing all client information and project specifications, managing inventory, and receiving deposits and retainers, DM does it all. It understands our industry and that it is much different than others.

It’s no secret that I’ve proclaimed my love for Design Manager before (see previous blog post about all the apps we use on a daily business here) which is why I am so excited to be DM’s Brand Ambassador for 2020.

Over the next year, I’ll be sharing more details as to why I’ve chosen this platform for our business and the many ways it’s helped us grow. Have any questions about Design Manager? Ask away! Leave your comments, questions, or feedback in the comments below.

P.s. Right now Design Manager is offering 20% off their subscriptions! This is the biggest sale they’ve ever had so jump on this deal before the end of January!

Click to here to learn more about Design Manager.


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