march 19, 2020

Vintage Artwork Roundup

We’re big supporters of incorporating antique pieces into your home furnishings! The perfect vintage addition can give a space a collected, “live-in” look that makes the room feel that much more inviting and personal.

However, we do have a couple of guidelines that we like to live by when it comes to vintage decor:

Tip #1: Follow a 3:1 ratio when styling accessories – for every one vintage item, make sure to incorporate two modern pieces in order to keep things fresh!

Tip #2: Mix your metals: too much vintage gold, brass or silver can feel stale and outdated. Focus on combining different metals for a sophisticated, updated look.

When it comes to vintage artwork, it’s always on the top of our list of things we love to look for while antique shopping. However, we know that it takes hours to find the right piece and that we often can come home empty handed. Luckily, spaces like Etsy, Ebay, and Brooke & Lou have made it that much easier to find antique options at many different price points!

Today, we’re rounded up our favorite vintage artwork finds for you to shop. To browse, simply hover over the piece you like and click the black “+” sign. Happy shopping!


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