may 5, 2020

Kids Playroom Tips + Design Board!

My love for the playroom in our home has take on a whole new level of appreciation lately. A safe, open space for my kiddos to imagine, play, and be silly is more than needed right now. And, from the looks of our direct messages on Instagram lately, you’ve been feeling the same way!

Lately, many of you have been asking us for our tips and tricks for creating a kids room that’s not only functional for your little ones but also beautiful. For us, we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style when it comes to designing a playroom. Although, we know that it’s not always the simplest task! To make it easier, we’ve rounded up our top 5 tips for putting together a pretty, playroom and a design board of our favorite pieces for you to shop!

1. Play with pattern

When it comes to a kids’ space, a patterned carpet or rug can become your best friend. Not only are they beautiful, but a heavy color and pattern will hide kids’ messes, food stains, and dog hair. Pro tip: stay away from viscose in your carpet and rugs and opt for an indoor/outdoor option!

2. Treat your walls

Adding millwork details or wallpaper is a great way to add durability to the space! Sheetrock walls in high traffic areas can become a nightmare to clean and tend to not stand up to the wear and tear of a kiddo. Plus, it’ll add a bit of whimsy and character to the room!

3. Invest in Timeless Storage Pieces

While inexpensive, plastic storage cubbies are a quick fix, we strongly suggest investing in storage pieces that are timeless in style and high in quality. A wooden bookrack (that can also be secured to the wall!), a painted toy chest, or a rattan hamper can easily transition from holding plush toys in a nursery to video games in a teenagers room.

4. Pay Attention to the Fabric

Invest in pieces with timeless styles and durability. Leather, patterns, and outdoor fabrics are all a safe bet. For even more safety, choose to upholster your pieces in a Crypton fabric (which we carry at Brooke & Lou!) that are made to withstand everyday messes (goodbye purple juice stains and peanut butter fingerprints – you can truly just wipe them away!).

5. Use toys as accessories

A cute doll, a playful stuffed animal, or a stack of books can truly become accessories to the space! Display them on open shelves or in built-ins, but don’t go too overboard! We love using the rule, as one comes into the space, one leaves. That way, you won’t find yourself under a mountain of toys.

Playroom Design Board

To shop, simply hover over the item and click the “+” mark or scroll to the item to find each piece linked. Happy shopping!


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