june 11, 2020

5 At-Home Summer Date Night Ideas

Despite how much I travel for both work and pleasure, I’ve always considered myself to be a homebody. Perhaps it’s my profession as an interior designer that has imparted the importance of home on me, but I truly find myself the most comfortable and happy in my own dwelling.

That being said, being home right now more than I ever have before, Charlie and I have had to get creative in coming up with fun, unique date night ideas that we can do from our own house.

If you’re like us and have been looking for some inspiration, I’ve rounded up 5 date night ideas you can do at home that we’ve loved doing over the past few months! Who says quarantining can’t be exciting?

Get All Dressed Up, Even with Nowhere to Go. While it’s easy to stay in your cozy sweats, force yourself to make the extra effort and get dressed up! For me, throwing on a flowy dress or skirt and a comfortable pair of heeled sandals makes our at-home date night feel a bit more special.

I recently ordered the Perfect Block Sandal from Sarah Flint (one of my favorite, female-founded shoe brands!) and they are pretty heaven. Buttery, Italian leather, not too high of a heel, incredible arch support, and in a clean, white color so that I can pair them with many different outfits! What more could I want? I’ve basically become a broken record to my girlfriends about how much I love these heels – they’re just that good.

‘Best of all, Sarah is offering $50 off with code SARAHFLINT-BRIA so you can experience these beauties (and any of their gorgeous shoes!) yourself. ’

Try Out a New Recipe. Whether you dive into one of your cookbooks collecting dust on your shelf or take direction from one of your favorite online food blogs, trying out a new recipe together is always a blast! And, if that fails, there’s always takeout. 😉

Get Outside. Switching up your scenery is always a great idea to break up your routine. Whether it’s a backyard picnic or cozying around a bonfire, For us, we’ve love lighting our candles/lanterns and sitting on our front porch as the sun goes down.

Another fun idea: Have you and your partner write a bunch of different bands/musicians on pieces of paper and throw them into a jar. Each date night, you’ll randomly pick one of them and their music will be the soundtrack to your evening!

Play an Interactive Game. While puzzles and cards are always a fun option, they’re not the most interactive activities. If you haven’t played We’re Not Really Strangers with your partner (or even your family and friends!) yet, you must! The game is meant to enhance connections and create meaningful moments. Highly recommend!

Put On Your Own Wine or Beer Tasting. This might be my favorite one. 😉 Make a list of local craft brews or wines you’ve been wanting to try and host your own wine tasting. To make it even more lively, invite some of your favorite couples to participate and have a virtual wine tasting over Zoom together!

Photography by: Tiffany Kokal | This post is in collaboration with Sarah Flint, a brand we adore. All opinions are our own.

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