june 16, 2020

How to Design a Life-Friendly Home

You’ve found a perfect new piece for your home. Maybe it’s a beautiful, white sofa that will make your living room pop or a one-of-a-kind rug to complete your kitchen renovation. But then all too quickly, your rational side takes over.

White? One-of-a-kind? How could either of those things ever survive in your home? Between spills, pets, and kids, there’s no way they could endure your family’s chaotic lifestyle, so you decide to pass.

We all know the feeling.

Over the years, our clients and friends have continually asked for pieces that are more livable and more functional. Because of this, our specialty at Bria Hammel Interiors has truly become designing pretty-but-not-precious spaces. With a style that infuses traditional with a fresh twist, every home we create is the perfect place for families and friends to gather.

Whether you love to entertain, have little runs running around, or furry friends taking over your spaces – there a certain design decisions you can make to help your home withstand the test of time. Today, we’re rounding up our top 5 tips to creating a life-friendly home.

Rethink the Coffee Table. Avoid sharp edges when you have kiddos running around! We love something made of Rattan like this piece from our Brooke & Lou collection. Not only does it hide crumbs, stains and imperfections, it’s not made of wood or glass so you don’t have to worry about scratches or fingerprints.

Play with Pattern. We love to build our clients’ spaces around patterned rugs like this one from Caitlin Wilson. Not only are they beautiful, but a rug with heavy color and pattern will hide kids’ messes, food stains, and dog hair.

Pay Attention to the Fabric. Invest in pieces with timeless styles and durability. Leather, prints, and darker fabrics are all a safe bet. But for those who would like to go lighter in color and still feel secure in their investment, we have some great options at Brooke & Lou. I worked with my team to create our very own life-friendly fabrics that withstand everyday messes (goodbye red wine stains and peanut butter fingerprints – you can truly just wipe them away!).

When in doubt, throw it in a basket! Nothing hides a mess or makes for easy clean up like a chic basket. Perfect for tidying up a room quickly, these baskets from Pottery Barn can store toys, games, and blankets – you name it. Bonus points if the basket has a lid.

Embrace the Weather. Choose a dining table that already has a weathered or distressed look so that as time goes on, it looks natural and you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear.

Our Favorite Life-Friendly Pieces


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