june 23, 2020

Our All-Time Favorite Mudroom Tile

Having a beautiful, functional mudroom can be a complete game changer in a home. From your little ones snowy boots in the winter to your furry friends muddy paws in the summer, mudrooms are made for the everyday messes. And, an intelligently designed one will hold up to them for years and years to come!

For those who have followed us for some time, you’ll know that livability is the focus behind every design we do. Mudrooms are certainly no different. We’re also firm believers that practical can be pretty as well! All it takes is a little space planning, creativity, mindfulness of materials and you can have a mudroom that sensible and stunning.

Today we’re excited to share our all-time favorite mudroom tile, slate, and the many different ways we’ve used it in our designs over the years!

Why Slate Tile is the Way to Go

If you’re a fan of natural stone, slate tile is a no brainer for high-traffic areas. Not only is it extremely durable, but it’s easy to clean, won’t show as much wear and tear over the years, and the organic, earthy look gives a space the perfect amount of texture.

Aesthetically, due to its black finish, it’s easy to pair with pretty much any color scheme and style. We’ve used it in both traditional and modern projects and it fits effortlessly within both.

If you love the look of a slate tile but are looking for a porcelain option, we have a few favorites as well! Here, here, and here are just a few of our top-picks that have a slate look and is just as beautiful and durable if natural stone isn’t right for you.

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