june 30, 2020

How to Design the Perfect Home Office

It’s no secret that home offices are getting more use now more than ever before. So, creating a space that is organized and inspiring is of the utmost importance. We’ve had the joy of designing dozens of home offices over the years so it’s safe to say we have some experience and knowledge in what it takes to create an office space that suits all your needs.

Today, we’re excited to share a tour through our Winnetka Project‘s stunning home office and a list of our top 5 things to keep in mind when designing a room that is both beautiful and functional. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

Tips for Building the Perfect Home Office Space

Showcase your style. Add an element that makes you happy! Beautiful wallpaper? Statement lighting? A favorite piece of art? If you’re working in your office full-time, make it a place you want to spend time in.

Plan for visitors. If you might have interrupting little ones, designate a part of the room (i.e. a bench, a pair of chairs, a table, etc.) that’s their own special spot. This allows you to keep yourself productive and your area neat and tidy / away from the kiddos.

Storage is key. Think about all the tasks you’ll be doing in this space and make sure to account for specific storage needs accordingly (i.e. bookshelves, filing cabinets, etc.).

Conceal the cords. Do you need any unique technology in your office to be able to work from home? Plan and ahead and try and disguise within the design like hiding computer cords underneath a rug or printer cords behind a chest.

Enjoy the view. Instead of facing a blank wall, position your desk to face a window. Not only will the view be prettier, but it’ll give you great natural lighting for potential Zoom calls!

Photography by: Aimée Mazzenga


A note from Bria Hammel Interiors: Below are the disclosed sources for our Winnetka Project’s Home Office! While we understand that our readers love to shop/know the details of our projects please know that not all sources will be shared. To honor and respect our relationships with our clients, items that are custom, one-of-a-kind, or to the trade only will not be revealed. Retail items and/or similar options will be linked above. Thank you for following along!

Wallpaper | Rug | Black & White Leaf Sketch Art (Left and Right) | Lavender Benches + Stools – Custom | Desk – To the Trade | Desk Chair – To the Trade | Spool Chairs – Custom | White Dipped Vase | Table | Lilac Paisley Pillows | Brass Boxes | Globe |


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