july 14, 2020

Our Favorite Faux Greenery

It’s no doubt, faux plants have come a long way over the years! Since not all of us are blessed to have a green thumb, sometimes the a faux fixture is the way to go.

If this is you, today on the blog we’re sharing our roundup of the most realistic, luxe looking faux plants for you to shop. Over the years we’ve made it our mission to find the most fabulous faux plants, flowers, and greenery for our clients and there’s a few things we’ve learned along the way.

• Opting for a drop-in style piece, you can place the faux plant or greenery in your own pot which gives it even more of a realistic feel! To enhance it even more, cover the base in moss or dirt.

• In our experience, the most realistic faux plants are the ones that are muted tones. It’s very rare to come across a faux greenery that looks real when it’s too bright green. Go for the toned down option!

Shop our go-to faux plants and trees

To shop, simply hover over the piece you like and click the black “+” sign. Happy shopping!


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