august 5, 2020

Our Favorite Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

We’ve had bathroom design on the brain lately (maybe due to an upcoming Brooke & Lou launch on August 18th? 😉 ) and the details that truly make a bathroom special. A show stopping wallpaper? Gorgeous plumbing fixtures? How about the perfect mirror?

A beautiful mirror can be one of the easiest (and often cost-effective!) changes to make to a bathroom that also has great reward. For a piece so practical, it’s incredible how far the right mirror choice goes in terms of making a room seem bigger, evoking a specific aesthetic, and changing the overall mood of the space. So why is it so hard to choose the right one?

Today we’re sharing our go-to tips for selecting the right mirror for your bathroom vanity as well as a roundup of our favorites we’ve used in our designs over the years.

Scale: Bathroom vanity mirrors should typically be the same width as the vanity itself. Of course, this doesn’t to apply to a dual vanity, but the mirror should never be wider and only at most a few inches narrower than the vanity.

Twice as Nice: For a double vanity, we prefer to select two mirrors versus one wide one. This reaffirms the separateness of each sink/space that much more and gives it more a designer, custom feel. For sizing, opt for a mirror that about the size of the sink. (i.e. a 19” sink, go for a 19” – 22” mirror).

Mix Up Your Materials: A mirror is a simple way to incorporate a new material or finish in your space. We’ve been known to pair a brass mirror with a polished nickel faucet or a wood mirror with a matte bronze faucet. Don’t feel the need to have it all match! Mixing warm and cool tones make the room that much more layered.

Show Some Character: Whether it’s a fun scalloped edge or a unique finish, get playful with your mirror choice! Who says practical means boring? Step out of your comfort and select a mirror that shows off some personality.


To shop, simply hover over the item and click the “+” mark or scroll to the item to find each piece linked. Happy shopping!


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