september 16, 2020

Kids Room Paint Colors (That Won’t Cramp Your Style!)

Some of our most popular posts here on the blog are all about… paint! And, honestly, we understand why. Paint can be the easiest (and cost-effective!) way to transform a space and give it a completely new feel. But, deciding on the right paint color can often be a tricky task.

For all you parents out there, we’re hoping you all love today’s post as we break down kids room paint colors! These are colors that we’ve used in our own homes and in our projects over the year that give a kid’s space a playful, youthful aesthetic while also not cramping the overall style of your home. Ahem, lime green and bright purple walls from the 90’s, I’m lookin’ at you…

From our tried and true white, soft pastels, to bold blues and greens, we’ve put together our master list of our favorite paint colors to use in kid’s bedrooms and playrooms!

Left: Peale Green by Benjamin Moore | Right: Blue Springs by Benjamin Moore | Below: White Dove by Benjamin Moore


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  • Anne Rodgers May 9, 2023, 5:38 pm

    Hello! I'm adoring the kid's playroom with the Blue Springs paint color!!! What paint sheen would you recommend?

    • Bria Hammel Interiors September 25, 2023, 12:59 pm

      Hello Anne, great question! We just did an entire blog post about choosing the right paint finish for every room, and we recommend a satin sheen for high-traffic areas like children's rooms! Check out the full post for more information.

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