november 5, 2020

Our Team’s Tree Trimming Tricks

To be completely honest, we’ve had the holidays on our brain since about July. We started planning our holiday campaign, photoshoots, etc. then and we’ve been chomping at the bit ever since to share it with you all. But, we decided to be patient and wait until Halloween passed to full let our holiday content fly. Well folks, IT’S TIME!

We know many of you decorate your homes for the holidays in November or the weekend after Thanksgiving so, we thought we’d kick it off by highlighting one of our favorite things to decorate… the Christmas tree! Today, our team is sharing all of our favorite tips, tricks, and pieces we love to create a beautiful, full tree.

How Many Ornaments to Plan For

Plan for 15-20 ornaments per 1 foot of Christmas tree. Trees 6ft-8ft can lean towards 15 ornaments per foot, while larger trees 9ft+ should be 20 per foot!

Creating a Cohesive Color Palette

Even if you go with more traditional colors for the holidays (i.e. red and green), we suggest picking secondary colors that match your existing décor to seamlessly incorporate it into your home. One thing to note, if you are incorporating lighter colored ornaments (I.e. white/ivory/champagne) more ornaments or decorations are better to avoid it looking too spotty.

When Stringing Your Own Lights

One of the tricks we love to do if we’re stringing our own lights is taking a step back. Turn off all the lights, step back, and squint while looking at the tree. You’ll immediately see any gaps or alterations you need to make!

The Steps We Take to Decorate

Base: Fluff tree by spreading every branch and filling spaces. Layer green garland (if using) then fill with green picks (if using). Next, add colorful picks throughout, then garland (i.e. white berry picks, then a wood-bead garland). When working with picks, insert into the tree in a zig-zag pattern.

Ornaments: If using a tree topper, apply that first! Then start with the largest size ornament and work your way smaller. Make sure to focus on layers, hanging ornaments deep in the tree as well as on the outer branches. Trick: Loop hooks at the base of ornament instead of on the ribbon it comes with! This makes it hang more sturdily so small children and pets can’t knock them off 🙂 This also fills in the gaps nicely!

Live Greenery: We like to add live Eucalyptus and Pine branches for additional texture and a lovely fragrance! May need to replenish after a couple of weeks so it doesn’t dry out too much and create a fire hazard! Can also apply this step to the staircase and mantle garland!

Our Tree Décor Favorites


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