july 16, 2021

Meet Sarah Tucker : B&L’s Kids Collection Tastemaker!

We’re so excited to share with you another Summer Tastemaker for Brooke & Lou, Sarah Tucker! From her home styling, family travel advice, and her fashion tips, we simply can’t get enough of her and her blog.

We sat down with Sarah to ask her a few questions about her style and why she loves the B&L pieces she selected from our Kid’s collection. Let’s take a peek!

Why do you love the Kids Collection pieces you selected?

I adore the vintage baseball theme! Perfect for our little baseball players!

How does Brooke & Lou’s aesthetic resonate with you?

I adore Brooke & Lou’s clean designs. But what I love most is what it all conveys and how it feels in home. It warms everything right up, and makes it feel like home.

What is your favorite activity to do with your kiddos?

Gosh so so many! They are great and curious travelers. I love seeing everything through their eyes!

Shop the Pieces in Sarah's Home


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