december 2, 2021

5 Tips for Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Thanksgiving has passed which means it’s time to set up the Christmas tree – that is, if you haven’t already! There’s nothing we love more than a lush tree full of statement ornaments and accessories which is why we’re so excited to share our tips and tricks for decorating your Christmas Tree in today’s post.

When it comes to Christmas tree decor, we don’t necessarily like to keep things simple. We’re all about mixing ornaments, filling empty space with garland or picks and styling a tree that makes a statement. After all, the holiday season is one of the only times of year where a little glitz and glam never hurts! If you’re looking to style a standout tree, keep scrolling to read our tips and tricks for decorating a Christmas tree that will leave you and your holiday guests swooning.

Tip #1: Fill in Empty Space

Once you’ve set up your tree and fluffed out the branches, one of the first things we like to do is fill in empty spaces with garland. We frequently opt for a eucalyptus garland as we love the texture and subtle color contrast that it adds to a tree. In addition to the garland (which is typically faux), we sometimes like to add a few pieces of real eucalyptus as well. These don’t have to be anything fancy, we usually get a few bunches from Trader Joes!

Tip #2: Add Texture

If there is one tip that we feel really makes our trees standout from the rest it’s adding in texture with picks and stems. We’re never afraid to mix textures when it comes to our interior design and the same rule applies when it comes to our tree decor – the more texture our picks/stems have, the better! When selecting picks/stems for your tree, we try to chose a few different styles to keep things interesting and not overly repetitive. We love the look of these Astilbe and Juniper Picks paired with the statement Flower and Rose Stem.

Tip #3: Incorporate Statement Ornaments

Every year there are so many fun new ornament styles, it can be hard to chose which direction to go! As a rule of thumb, we try and stick to 3-4 “statement” ornaments. These aren’t your standard ball ornaments and usually have a fun shape or texture and help to give your tree a “theme.” For this particular tree we had a Woodland theme and selected these Paper Mache Cottage ornaments, Glitter Pinecone ornaments, Gold Pinecone Ball ornaments and our favorite – The Star of the North Glass ornament, as our statement ornaments.

Tip #4: Vary Your Ornament Sizes

When selecting your ornaments, another thing to keep in mind is size. In addition to your smaller statement ornaments, we usually aim to incorporate at least 2 different styles of oversized ornaments, such as these Moss Flocked Glass Ball ornaments and Copper Ball ornaments. Having a variety of ornament sizes in your tree helps to add layers and depth, keeping the eye intrigued.

Tip #5: Top Off Your Tree

Last but not least, don’t forget to top off your tree. Keep things simple and classic with a Star or Angel topper or try topping off your tree with with some picks. When we’re aiming for that non-traditional look, we love styling a bunch of picks near the top of the tree, angled up, to give the tree additional detail for that completed look (example shown below on the right).

Whether you’ve already set up your tree or are just getting started with your holiday decorating, we hope that our Christmas Tree tips & tricks will lend a helping hand as you deck the halls the holiday season. And if you haven’t already checked out Brooke & Lou’s Holiday Collection, click the link below to shop our holiday items while they’re still in stock – they’re going fast!

Happy Holidays!

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