december 23, 2021

Holiday Cocktail Recipes

There’s something about a festive holiday cocktail that gives us all the cozy wintery feels and in today’s post, we’re sharing how you can put a festive twist on two classic cocktails.

Rosemary, Cinnamon and Chai – oh my! Whether you’re looking for a last minute cocktail to serve at your Christmas dinner or perhaps planning ahead for a NYE party, we have a feeling these three spices will be just what you need to sprinkle in the flavors of the season to your cocktail lineup.

We’re always a fan of of the classics and love a good Old Fashioned or Espresso Martini but add a little bit of cinnamon and rosemary or a dash of chai and we may just have two new favorites on our hands. Say hello to a Cinnamon Rosemary Old Fashioned and Chai Espresso Martini – two tasty holiday recipes we can’t wait for you to try. We’re just as eager as you are to start shaking up these cocktails so let’s get to it!

Looking to give these holiday cocktails a try? If so, pin these images to Pinterest so you can save them for later! In the meantime, shop our cocktail essentials below to have everything you need to serve in style.

Happy Holidays!

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