january 13, 2022

Bria’s Favorites from Brooke & Lou’s Lighting Drop

New Designer Lighting has arrived at Brooke & Lou just in time for the New Year.

Have you heard? Brooke & Lou just added 30+ new lighting pieces to our Designer Lighting Collection! We might be a tad bias, but these new lighting arrivals may just be the pieces you need to give your home a fresh, updated look. With everything from statement chandeliers and pendants to pretty pleated shades and textured elements, this collection has a piece to light up every room and every home.

For today’s post, we asked Bria what her must-have pieces are from the drop. Keep scrolling to discover Bria’s favorites and why she loves them!

Lindy Chandelier

I just installed this in my dining room and I love the oversized scale of the piece. It’s dramatic but because of the white organic finish it doesn’t feel heavy in the space. 

Sloane Chandelier

I love the organic handmade feel of this chandelier. It feels like it was found at an antique market. 

Williamson Sconce

This piece is a great option for a space where you can’t hardwire a fixture, but want to add lighting. It feels elevated and special, but you can install it anywhere in your home since it just plugs in. 

Tori Table Lamp

Small in scale and a simple clean design, we can use this lamp in so many different styles of homes! 

Mark Pendant

I’m loving pleated shades right now, and this pendant is a show stopper! 


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