february 10, 2022

Design Elements We’re Loving For 2022

With a new year, comes new design trends and elements of inspiration. While we tend to stray from anything too “trendy” in our timeless designs, there are certain elements we narrow in on each year to bring a fresh perspective to our projects.

One of the things we love most about a new year is the refreshing feeling that comes along with it. Every year, our team takes a moment to step away from the daily hustle and bustle to discuss key design elements and set our vision for the year. For 2022, we’re focused on adding detail to unexpected places and finding a beautiful balance between old and new. With that said, here’s an intro to the design elements we are loving for 2022.

01. Vintage Accents

We’ve always been suckers for vintage details, but this year we’re focusing on brining in a vintage touch beyond accessories alone through specific elements such as pleated lamp shades, flange welts and traditional prints. By incorporating vintage pieces, it adds a “lived in” element to a space and strays away from spaces feeling too perfect. With the right pieces, we love how we can seamlessly blend vintage and modern elements to create a healthy balance of old and new. From tufted ottomans and couches with a flange welt to gallery walls and built in shelves styled with vintage pieces, take a peek at how we’ve already started to sprinkle in this design element into some of our projects.

02. Contrasting Trim

Lately we’ve been adding a pop of color to spaces through contrasting trim. Not only is this a great way to bring in color, but it is also a timeless option that adds a little value to a space without a crazy investment. Because of that, we love to add this detail to kids spaces as it allows them to grow with it and it can easily be re-painted if need be. Take a peek at some spaces where we’ve already started to bring in a pop of color through contrasting trim.

03. Warm Natural Accents

Natural accents have been around for a long time, but lately we’ve been loving the shift to warm, organic textures and stains. When designing “bright & airy” homes it’s easy to loose warmth amongst natural light and crisp white walls. Because of that, we’re always trying to add warmth to a space because it helps to make it feel more livable and full. As a rule of thumb, we always aim to have a healthy balance of warm and cool, so that no matter the trend, our designs never go out of style. We love the images below as they’re great examples of how we toned down the coolness in each space through warm wooden accents to find a beautiful balance.

04. Statement Stonework

Adding statement stonework to our projects is another key focus for our team as we’re designing in 2022. With this element we’re going beyond your traditional fireplace by incorporating stone in fresh ways – such as this stunning European influenced stone mantel at our Prestwick Project. We love the grand scale of this fireplace and the amount of detail that was carved into the stone, truly making this the focal point of the room. Another concept we’re currently proposing is stone accent walls. We swooning over these images shared by Sean Anderson Design and Oakstone Homes that incorporate stone walls in unexpected places – such as an accent wall in a kitchen or bathroom.

Left Image: Sean Anderson Design | Right Image: Oakstone Homes

05. Unexpected Millwork

Millwork is an area we give a lot of attention to as it is a great way to bring in detail in a tasteful and timeless way. We love adding millwork to high-traffic areas (such as kids spaces, bathrooms, foyers, mudrooms, etc.) as it is much more durable than sheetrock and can easily be cleaned. While millwork is no new concept, what we are focused on is adding this detail to unexpected places such as pocket doors, ceiling molding, mantels and overall getting more creative with our millwork designs. Here’s a glance a few of our favorite spaces with timeless millwork that we feel will never go out of style.

It’s crazy to think we’re already two months into this new year but we’re feeling inspired, refreshed and ready to take on a new year of beautiful design in 2022! Which of these design elements would you love to incorporate into your own home? Let us know in the comments!


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