april 21, 2022

Wooddale Ave. Project Reveal

Tucked away in the country club neighborhoods of Edina, where charming curb appeal meets stunning interiors, lives our Wooddale Ave. Project. Comfortable yet sophisticated, this home has a subtle blend of both as we combined our client’s clean style with a traditional touch that ties back to the historic bones of the home.

With this project, one of our main focuses was to design multi-functional rooms with a timeless style, creating spaces that our clients could grow into as a young couple. Focusing on 3 primary spaces, we were able to play with contrast and carry those warm and cool tones we love throughout the home to make each space feel unique yet still tie back to the overall style of the home.

Breakfast Nook

Our clients wanted to keep things slightly casual in the breakfast nook, while keeping comfort at top of mind. To maximize space, we designed a custom built-in bench to sit beneath the window allowing for more seating without the bulk of extra chairs. To add a playful element to the room, we incorporated a pretty pop of blue to the accent wall along with some shiplap to bring in texture. The result? A calm, inviting space just waiting for a cup of morning coffee and a good book.

Living Room

Beside the breakfast space, through French glass double doors, lies the living room. Upon entering, this space immediately captures your eye with dark contrasting window treatments and pops of color gracefully carried throughout. We often present colored window treatments to our clients, and while they may love the idea, most tend to stick to neutrals. However, our clients decided to take the leap of faith and opt for these navy window treatments and we couldn’t love the result more.

Primary Bedroom

Tucked away on the upper level of the home sits the Primary Suite. Our focus in this area of the home was primarily the bedroom and much like the rest of the project, our goal here was also to maximize space while balancing warm & cool tones. The paint color in this room was existing and acted as the perfect base to build upon. For furnishings, we combined warms woods with cooler metal pieces to add contrast and texture. Because the walls had a cooler appeal, we selected accent colors in rich, warm hues, such as the Brooke & Lou Lulu Floral Pillow in Ruby to bring balance to the space. While the room may be small, it incorporates a small reading nook & makeup vanity in addition to the sleeping space, making the space functional yet timeless in design.

All said and done, we love how this project came together with spaces that are truly unique, yet work together to tie back to the overall style of the home.

Shop the Project

A note from Bria Hammel Interiors: Below are the disclosed sources for our Wooddale Ave. Project! While we understand that our readers love to shop/know the details of our projects please know that not all sources will be shared. To honor and respect our relationships with our clients, items that are custom, one-of-a-kind, or to the trade only will not be revealed. Retail items and/or similar options will be linked above. Thank you for following along!

Breakfast Nook: Dining Table | Dining Chairs – to the trade | Rug | Accent Chair – to the trade | Side Table | Floor Lamp | Landscape Art | Cream Jar

Living Room: Sofa | Accent Chairs | Side Table | Ottoman – to the trade | Rug | Mirror | Pressed Floral Art II | Pressed Floral Art IV | Landscape Art | Console Table | Table Lamp | Floor Lamp | Woven Stool | Floral Pillows | Ivory Compote

Primary Bedroom: Bedframe | Bedding | Floral Pillows | Nightstands | Table Lampssimilar option here | Rattan Frame | Floor Lamp | Rug | Side Table | Bench – custom | Chandelier – original | Landscape Art | Paint Color: No source – original


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  • Keven Jaros April 21, 2022, 11:15 am

    Beautiful! Love the color pallet! Could you share the paint selections ? Thank you .

  • Shirley Runge and Cara Hendrix April 21, 2022, 3:16 pm

    OH, MY, GOODNESS!!!!! Those 3 rooms are so beautiful. (I agree about the dark draperies.) I like the plan of mixing cool colors with dark colors - that way neither (color) gets to be too much of a good thing. Bria and your wonderful team did a fabulous job. on this project. You all are so gifted. Thank you for sharing.

    • Bria Hammel Interiors April 21, 2022, 3:35 pm

      Thank you so much, Shirley! We're thrilled to hear that you love this project as much as we do!

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