september 13, 2022

Island View Rd. Project: The Boys Rooms Reveal

While our typical design style tends to lean towards the more feminine side, we have such a soft spot for creating spaces for boys. Today, we’re happy to be back at our Island View Rd. Project to take a tour through these rooms for little ones with big personality.


You know what they say, “Red is the color of passion.” and that’s exactly how this little guy feels about sports! Starting with a color palette of red, white, and navy blue – this room was designed for the sports fanatic of the family while still incorporating classic patterns and textures that will stand the test of time.

One thing that we love about this room is how it can grow with our client’s son over time. We wanted him to be able to use it as a place for all things. Sleep, study, and play – so keeping the furniture and lighting timeless and adding playful touches through the art and accessories created the perfect balance.

The first thing we did was add a gallery wall filled with different sports balls and equipment (baseball mitts, soccer balls, footballs, etc.) from Brooke & Lou. We love the soft, watercolor aspect and oversized nature of these pieces – they filled up what would have been a large, blank wall and transformed it into an eye-catching moment.

To play on the masculine aspect, even more, we paired the sports-themed art with a navy gingham duvet cover and plush, striped pillows. The result is an amazing bedroom that will make any kiddo want to jump out of bed in the morning (which isn’t always the easiest job! 😉)


Next up, we’re sailing into the second boy’s bedroom in this home! A stylish bedroom with a nautical flair, this room features a navy dresser, white nightstands, and a dark wood bed for the perfect balance of color and finish.

Our client’s home is located on one of Minnesota’s beautiful lakes, so we wanted to pay homage to that! However, nautical or coastal-themed spaces can be tricky. If not done right, they can turn cheesy or tacky pretty quickly. To avoid this, if you’re attracted to nautical/coastal spaces, ask yourself what about it are you drawn to? Is it the color palette (i.e. blues, greens, beiges)? The textures (i.e. rope, stone, rattan, etc.)? The visuals (i.e. boats, seascapes, sunsets)? Identify that and focus on that aspect without overdoing every theme.

In this space, this little boy is a fan of boats and ships! We decided to incorporate that aspect through vintage-inspired artwork, standalone accessories, and cross details in the bedding and flag above the bed. We love that this room appeals to a wide range of ages, making it appealing for years to come!


We hate to pick favorites, but this might be our favorite stop on our tour today. This shared bathroom for our client’s boys is a great example of mixing classic with creativity.

The whole design of this space revolved around the tile decisions. We opted for a classic, subway tile surrounding the entire room, but to give it a special flair, we decided to mix both white and a beige subway tile to create a custom stripe design that leads your eyes up to create visual interest and even makes the space feel larger. For the flooring, we chose a complimentary plaid tile – perfect for a boys’ bath!

Oversized bronze sconces, brass plumbing fixtures, and cabinet hardware, and a clean, Cambria countertop rounded out this room and the result was an area that is both timeless and modern as well as sophisticated and playful all at once.


Last, but certainly not least, is the bonus bunk room! Now this area is just pure fun.

4 full-sized custom bunk beds, a spot to play foosball, and enough open space for games, reading, and more, this space is a slumber party haven. Aside from being a spot where our client’s son could hang out with their friends, we wanted it to also be a room where potential guests could stay as well so we made the design details were neutral and refined.

We chose a soft, charcoal color and dark wood finish for the built-in bunk beds and opted for a full-size instead of a twin to offer more comfortability and room for guests.


A note from Bria Hammel Interiors: Below are the disclosed sources for our Island View Road project! While we understand that our readers love to shop/know the details of our projects please know that not all sources will be shared. To honor and respect our relationships with our clients, items that are custom, one-of-a-kind, or to the trade only will not be revealed. Retail items and/or similar options will be linked above. Thank you for following along!

Bedroom #1: Lamps | Nightstands – Trade only | Pillows – Custom | Bed – Trade Only | Grey Throw | Leather Stools – Trade Only | Sports Art Here, Here, Here, and Here |

Bedroom #2: Lamps | Nightstands | Sailboat on Stand – OOS | Duvet Cover | Pillows – Custom | Floor Lamp – Trade Only | Ship at Sea Art / Ship at Sea Art II | Nautical Flag Art | Reading Chair – Custom | Bed – Trade only | Faux Fern | Cane Basket Set | Dresser – Trade Only | Alarm Clock

Bathroom: Sconces | Bamboo Bath Rug | Small Glass Bee Jar |

Bonus/Bunk Room: Lumbar Pillows | Stripe Pillows | Sconces | Duvet Covers | Be Kind to Others Banner | Paint on Bunk Beds – Deep Space by Benjamin Moore


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